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Tailgating Flagpole

Tailgating Flagpoles
Buy Tailgating Flagpoles with various heights

We stock three (3) sizes of Tailgating Flagpoles with fiberglass or aluminum construction. If needed, all are available for Express Shipping.

28' Tailgating Flagpole
Your friends will surely find you with our newly designed "World's Greatest Tailgating Flagpole"! It is the industry's tallest tailgating flagpole with a height of 28 feet!

Made of fiberglass, this pole has 9 telescoping sections and can fly numerous flag sizes. Rotating Flag Clips are included to fly two (2) 3'x5' flags, one (1) 4'x6' or 5'x8' flag, or one (1) 3'x5' flag and one (1) 2'x3' flag.

After your event is over this 28' pole telescopes to 56" for easy transport and storage.

20' Tailgating Flagpole
This aluminum flagpole is our "Best Deal" and "Best Seller". It extends to a maximum height of 20 feet. Having six telescoping sections this pole can be locked at 4' to 20' and any height in between. Included are fixed flag clips enabling you to fly up to two (2) 3'x5' flags, one (1) 4'x6' flag, or one (1) 3'x5' flag and one (1) 2'x3' flag.

After the Tailgating Party, this pole collapses to 44" for easy transportation.

16' Tailgating Flagpole
This tailgating flagpole is made of fiberglass and extends to a maximum height of 16 feet. It has 5 telescoping sections and includes rotating flag clips to fly up to two (2) 3'x5' flags.

When you have completed tailgating, this flagpole collaspses to 51" for easy storage.

If required, the matching Wheel Stands and Ground Mounts are sold separately at our Flag Accessories section.